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Travel to Villa Klarici near Motovun - N Istria

A small local tarmac road near Motovun quickly takes you up from Mirna River valley and through a few tiny villages until you reach Villa Klarici.
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There is no public transport serving our area.

DRIVING TO ISTRIA - ISTRIA BY ROAD Guests from mainland Europe will most often drive to Croatia, as the travel networks are good. If you come from the north, we suggest crossing the Slovenian / Croatian border at Socerga / Pozane, as there are usually no delays or freight. We will send you a local route from the border, or a particular point on your journey. is a useful website for driving conditions and info in ENG, DE, IT AND HR 

You are required to complete and submit this official online form to speed up your entry into Croatia - Choose your language

NEW: 2022 Flights from UK & Ireland  regularly updated

CORONAVIRUS !! Due to the global coronavirus outbreak and various restrictions in Croatia, Europe and elsewhere, some of our flight information may not be current.  Apologies for this. We will post new info as we get it. 

We have a SUNDAY CHANGEOVER day. In 2022 we may be able to be more flexible with the arrival and departure days.

Our guests can pick from the increasing number of SUNDAY flights into PULA, RIJEKA & ZAGREB, Croatia, TRIESTE & VENICE, Italy, LJUBLJANA, Slo.


  • ✈  Pula (CRO) airport - less than 1 hr
  • ✈  Rijeka (Cro) airport - 1hr 45 mins
  • ✈  Trieste (IT) airport - 1.5 hr approx
  • ✈  Ljubljana (SLO) airport - 1.5 hr approx
  • ✈  Venice (IT) Treviso airport - 2.5 hr approx
  • ✈  Venice (IT) Marco Polo  - 2.5 hr approx
  • ✈  Zagreb (Cro) airport -  3 hr approx


  • Birmingham - Pula - Birmingham will operate in the period from 12 May to 09 October twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays,
  • Bristol - Pula - Bristol will operate in the period from May 8 to October 9, twice a week, Wednesdays and Saturdays,
  • Doncaster Sheffield - Pula - Doncaster Sheffield will operate in the period from May 8 to October 9, once a week, on Saturdays,
  • Manchester - Pula - Manchester will operate in the period from May 8 to October 9, twice a week, Tuesdays and Saturdays,
  • London GWK - Pula - London will operate in the period from May 8 to October 9, twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

⬇️✈ SUNDAY Flights to PULA & Nearby Airports ✈⬇️

**SUNDAY Flights to PULA** 

CV-19   We will provide updated flights info when we have it.


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⬇️✈ FLIGHTS TO PULA on 'other days' ✈⬇️


Insurance for 'Natural Disasters' :o(

Volcano Ash Cloud Insurance Cover

We have been advised by some of our guests that Columbus Direct Insurance offers insurance against 'Natural Disasters' and Aviva Insurance offer an add-on for 'Volcano Ash Cloud' cover.  Please note we mention this in good faith.  We do not have any association with these companies and have not checked these details, so please check if this is appropriate for your needs.


Travel Supermarket Comparison Site Car Hire

Your own transport is essential and if you are planning to rent a car, we very strongly recommend you book in advance. If picking up a hire car from any country other than Croatia, (eg Italy, Slovenia) you MUST get 'permission' for 'crossborder' driving into Croatia and any other countries, and for this be formally entered onto your car hire documents on booking.  Ensure the clerk at the pick up desk is confirms this.  Sometimes there are extra charges but not always.

Croatian website shows excellent current Traffic Info 

You may like to use ViaMichelin to help you plan your journey. Should you need any help, please contact us for any more information and we will be very happy to assist. On booking your holiday, we will send you a detailed local route to the villa.

NB A vignette system is in operation in Slovenia for driving on motorways/major roads.

Coronavirus info

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> You are required to complete and submit, in advance, this official online form before entering Croatia, which speeds up your entry at the border <

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